Meet a Member: Léna Padis

As a Singapore-based French-German who spent the last 4 years working in Nairobi, Kenya for a plastic collection & recycling business, Léna Padis considers herself to be a global citizen. Now she is an entrepreneur at Antler, an early stage venture capital firm that is supporting her on a journey to build a solution to the plastic pollution problem. Antler supports founders in the early journey, with mentorship, access to experts and most importantly pre-seed funding.

Asked to share what the biggest problem in business is, Léna explained:

Most businesses still have an outdated approach to creating value by only considering the financial value they create for shareholders. Businesses today should look at value more holistically as a mix of social, environmental and economic value to ensure long term viability and success.”

She believes that purpose-driven businesses are the future because:

“More and more individuals are looking for meaning & impact in how they interact with businesses, be it as an employee or as a consumer. This growing segment of the population sees business as a means to help solve the world’s problems, instead of creating them.”

Léna joined Business of Purpose to exchange ideas, thoughts, information & knowledge and to be inspired by what other members of the community are working on. To connect with her further, find her on LinkedIn here.